Welcome to Sozo

Sozo means...

  • freedom - in Greek, 'to be healed, rescued, set free by God'
  • creativity - in Japanese, 'innovation and creativity'.

Sozo is...

  • art that gives hope, frees, inspires.


Sozo is an institute for the creation and expression of a variety of art media which build up people, not tear down, which gives hope, gives solutions, and inspires action.

Sozo Institute of The Arts is not a religious organization, but we are motivated by a core set of simple values; love God, love people, make a difference. These set the tone and atmosphere in Sozo.

A variety of events and activities are hosted by the Institute in the arts as well as science, politics, global issues, business and economic development and humanitarian aid.

Sponsoring Organization:

Sozo is underwritten by Keystone Church & Ministries, Inc.

The Business of Art

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